Released 11/7/12 by Universal/Rex; Director: not credited; Screenplay: not credited; 1 reel

CAST: No cast members billed

SYNOPSIS: Claude, the roguish older brother of a family, is heir to the estate of Sir James. Gerald, the younger brother, leaves England to seek his fortune in America where he meets Marja and falls in love with her. Claude comes to visit, sees the girl, and marks her for his own. Marja is infatuated with the well-dressed visitor and consents to a secret marriage after which Claude returns to England, promising to come back and claim her. Some months later, Gerald proposes marriage to the girl, and she sobbingly tells him she has married Claude. Marja does not hear from Claude, but Gerald receives a paper from London announcing the marriage of Claude to a society woman. Marja, broken-hearted over the silence of Claude, attempts suicide by throwing herself from a cliff and is found by Gerald, a cripple for life. She grieves for Claude and Gerald writes her a letter, purporting to come from Claude, sending her some money. Gerald receives a letter from his father announcing the death of Claude and calling Gerald home to assume his position as the heir of the estate of Sir James. Marja finds both the letter and the announcement of Claude's marriage and understands how Gerald has tried to protect her. She realizes Gerald's true sacrifice and tells him of her love for him.

"A picture pleasingly melodramatic in which we find our old friends, hero, heroine and villain, who always entertain us when they really live up to their characters...It is humanly and naturally acted, the scenes are well made and often poetic, and the story moves smoothly without dragging." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: None of the characters are billed in this Rex melodrama, although Chaney is clearly featured in a publicity still. This is the earliest known film in which Chaney appeared, but is undoubtedly one of many unbilled appearances he made at Universal.

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