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Released 12/9/13 by Universal/Gold Seal; Director: Allan Dwan; Screenplay: Jeanie MacPherson; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Red Margaret), Murdock MacQuarrie (Government Agent), James Neill (The Sheriff), Lon Chaney (Lon)

SYNOPSIS: Margaret is the leader of a clever band of mountain moonshiners who have thwarted every attempt of the authorities to capture them. A government agent is sent up to the hills to assist in breaking the gang, and Margaret meets and falls in love with him. Lon, Margaret's suitor, discovers the identity of the agent and forces Margaret to write a letter which brings him, unsuspectingly, to her cabin. Fearing for his safety, the girl notifies the deputies of their leader's danger. The deputies arrive and capture the moonshiners, Margaret's father is killed, and the agent is left behind, wounded. A deputy tries to take credit for the entire capture, but Margaret helps the agent to the sheriff's office and gives the impression that the agent arrested her. The agent is honored for his work and the girl goes to prison, a happy woman.

"Just why she is called 'Red' is not apparent. Pauline Bush interprets the part well, but there is no cause for the name except that it sounds melodramatic." ---Motion Picture News

NOTES: The working title was WARRINGTON'S HONOR. The film may have been reissued on 12/21/16 as a 1-reeler called MOONSHINE BLOOD.

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