Released 4/01/18 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Lynn F. Reynolds; Screenplay: Eugene B. Lewis and Waldemar Young, from a story by John McDermott; Cinematography: Edward Ullman; 5 reels

CAST: Franklyn Farnum (Laurence Percival Van Huyler), Lon Chaney (Dan McCarty), Juanita Hansen (Alicia Vanderveldt), Katherine Griffith (Mrs. Van Hyler), Fred Montague (Peter Van Huyler), Edward Cecil (Richard Barnaby)

SYNOPSIS: Lawrence Percival Van Huyler was a society mollycoddle, and the butt of many jokes at college. He is basically good material, but was raised by his parents to be the fop that he is, and the family are snobs of the first rank. He was engaged to Alicia Vanderveldt, but she is repelled by his sissy ways, and dumps him for Richard Barnaby, who woos her with his tales of adventure of romance. While the estate is undergoing renovation, Lawrence discovers a box with the written confession of one of his ancestors, Peter Van Huyler. The confession states that he was not a great Dutchman as is widely believed, but one Patrick John O'Malley, an Irishman who made his fortune through piracy on the high seas. Percival is thrilled to learn that he is part Irish and from such a colorful ancestry. With this news, he embarks on a wild spree that eventually lands him in jail. Lawrence puts on a suit of overalls and takes a job doing construction work, much to the distress of his father. He learns that Barnaby has, in fact, never had all the adventures he speaks of...for Lawrence has found the book that Barnaby has taken all his adventures from. With Barnaby exposed, and having shed his foppish behavior for that of a real he-man, Alicia happily returns to him.

"This is a light, clean, comedy drama, possessing considerable heart interest that will please any audience. Story holds together well, and ends happily. Supporting cast good, excepting Lon Chaney, who overacts." ---Motion Picture News

"The tale has several good comedy angles, but the scenario has been crudely done...The socialistic trend of the tale gives it a certain topical value and adds something of sympathetic appeal to the character of the hero." ---Variety

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