Released 6/1/18 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Harvey Gates; Cinematography: Edward Ullman; 5 reels

CAST: Carmel Myers (Nonette Bisson), Edwin August (David Kendell), Lon Chaney ("Kink" Colby), Andrew Robson (Armand Bisson), William H. Bainbridge (Dr. Kendall), S.K. Shilling (Paul De Caval), Frederick Gamble (Falkner)

SYNOPSIS: Nonette Bisson is a dancer in her father's French cafe in New York. She is a wild thrill seeker, and one night she goes joy riding with "Kink" Colby, a chauffeur who is, in reality, a car thief. When the police pursue them, she is struck with a bullet. She is brought into a private hospital run by David Kendall and his father, and young Kendall, who is usually intoxicated, does not report the incident to the police. As the girl recovers, Nonette falls in love with the young man, but Kendall has a peculiar prejudice that all French women are shallow and unconventional, and he merely toys with her affections. When she learns that he does not intend to propose marriage, she returns to her father's home, heartbroken. There she returns to her dancing career, turning down many offers for major theatrical parts. David follows her to the cafe, just as she has consented to marry a man whom she does not love. The police track Nonette to the cafe and arrest her, though she is later cleared. The disgrace of her arrest causes her father to drive her from his home, whereupon she begins a successful career on the stage. David volunteers for medical service at the front, where he learns of the great valor of French women, too late to bring happiness to himself or Nonette.

"Carmel Myers has come up wonderfully in her acting ability. Her performance in this number...is a revelation of feminine chic. The plot, in spite of its unpromising title, is thoroughly enjoyable and moves swiftly through its course to a pleasing conclusion. ---Moving Picture World

© 1996,2008 Jon C. Mirsalis

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