Released 12/23/13 by Universal Gold Seal; Director: Allan Dwan; Screenplay: Arthur Rosson; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Pauline), William Lloyd (The embezzler), Murdock MacQuarrie (Mac), James Neill (James), Lon Chaney (Lon)

SYNOPSIS: A colony of refugees in the Canadian mountains are wanted by the police for various crimes. One day, a man sought for embezzlement arrives at the colony with his daughter Pauline. The embezzler is crafty and a natural leader of men, and thus becomes a new leader of the colony rivaling James, the current leader. Two Mounties, Lon and Mac, are on the trail of the embezzler who arranges an ambush for the Mounties. Mac is wounded and Pauline takes him to her cabin to care for him. Lon learns that her father is the man they are looking for. Believing that he has the girl at his mercy, Lon makes advances to her, but Mac interferes, because he has fallen in love with her. Mac learns of Pauline's father's identity and he goes to James to demand the surrender of the embezzler. As the man is arrested, Pauline pleads with Lon to let her father go. Lon lifts his revolver to shoot Mac, but the refugees shoot Lon and the embezzler is hit in the gunfire. Just as they are about to kill Mac, a Mountie arrives to save him.

"This 2-reel drama gives a good account of the Canadian Mounted Police, the romantic and adventurous constabulary of the Northwest woods...Some splendid woods and mountain settings occur." --Moving Picture World

NOTES: The film was reissued on January 18, 1917. It may also have been recut for a 1916 release called ACCUSING EVIDENCE.

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