Released 9/1/19 by Universal/Jewel; Director: Allan Holubar; Screenplay: Allan Holubar, suggested by the story, The Girl Who Dared by James Oliver Curwood; Cinematography: King Gray; Editor: Grant Whytock; 6 reels; Print Source: Czechoslovakian Film Archive (with Czech titles)

CAST: Dorothy Phillips (Joan), Joseph Girard, (John Gray), Lon Chaney (Bateese Le Blanc), Priscilla Dean (Marie), William Stowell (Jim Blood), Frank Brownlee ("Gold Dust" Barker), William Burress (Regan), Harry De More (Flap Jack)

SYNOPSIS: John Gray, an old fur trapper, lives with his beautiful daughter Joan in the Canadian Northwest. Bateese Le Blanc, a half-breed, forces his attentions on Joan whenever he gets a chance, but is constantly watched by his jealous half-breed sweetheart, Marie. "Gold Dust" Barker and his henchman, Regan, convince Gray to return to the Yukon with them as head trapper, and they offer Joan work as a nurse. The trip to Dawson City is a grueling one, and Joan finds her father dead one morning. Arriving in Dawson City, Joan learns that Barker is proprietor of the dance hall, and all his girls are called "nurses." Jim Blood owns the richest mine in the area, but he is only a shell of a man, overcome by alcoholism. Bateese arrives in town and breaks into Joan's room. Jim comes to her rescue, and Bateese is killed in the gun fight which follows. Deciding there is only one hope for escape from this life, Joan puts on a flashy dance costume, rushes to the stage, and offers herself in marriage to the highest bidder. Jim offers his entire claim and wins Joan, but as a Justice of the Peace is about to marry them, Barker and Regan fake a $100,000 I.O.U. from Jim, and abduct Joan as payment. Jim grabs two guns, holds the dance hall crowd at bay, and Joan is freed. Barker and Regan fire at Jim, but he is a fast draw and shoots both men. He fires at a lamp, setting the building on fire. While the crowds flee for their lives, Jim tells Joan that he really loves her, then he vanishes into the night. Joan returns to her old home in Montreal, and receives regular payments from the manager of the mine she has won from Jim. She is called to Dawson City on business, and meets the manager, only to learn that it is none other than Jim. Having kicked his drinking problem, the two are happily united.

"A melodramatic story of the Klondike portrayed in a faithfully realistic manner by a cast of clever principals and an army of extra people...Virile action, many thrilling fights, and a neat little love element is interwoven in the story. Excellent photography is displayed on the many splendid exterior scenes." ---Motion Picture News

"Pictorial effects and characterizations by Lon Chaney, Priscilla Dean, and William Stowell give most of whatever entertainment value there is to PAID IN ADVANCE...The picture comes to life in the scenes in which they appear. ---The New York Times

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