Released 1/6/14 by Universal/Gold Seal; Director: Allan Dwan; Screenplay: Jeanie MacPherson; 2 reels

CAST: Murdock MacQuarrie (Auld MacGregor), Pauline Bush (MacGregor's Daughter), William Lloyd (MacGregor's Brother), Lon Chaney (Young MacGregor), Fred McKay (The Father), James Neill (The Gambler), Arthur Rosson, Richard Rosson (Young Boys)

SYNOPSIS: Auld MacGregor is a stern, religious man who hoards his money while his son and daughter barely have clothes to wear. A gambler plots to rob MacGregor of his money, and he gives MacGregor's son some gambling winnings. Arthur, an enemy of the gambler, tells the elder MacGregor where his son got his money from, and the old man fights with his son. Young MacGregor gets in a fight with the gambler and the boy's sister fires a gun at the gambler. She is not aware that Arthur has secretly fired at the gambler at the same time, and it is his bullet that struck the man. The young MacGregor convinces his father to lie for the girl and provide an alibi, which goes against his religious beliefs. The truth is later revealed and Arthur is charged with the crime.

"It is a great play. There is a remarkable and unique situation...Allan Dawn (sic), one of the Universal top-notch directors, has produced thie play. It is laid in the West, and if there is a place on the green earth that Mr. Dwan is familiar with, it is the West and its people. He has made every scene ring with realism." ---Moving Picture World

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