Produced by Betty Compson Productions; Released 3/11/21 by Goldwyn Pictures Corp.; Director: Arthur Rosson; Screenplay: Arthur Rosson, from a story by Perley Poore Sheehan; 6 reels (5752')

CAST: Betty Compson (Bernice Arnold), Lon Chaney (Trix Ulner), Frank Campeau (Frank), George Cooper (Bert), Richard Rosson (Jimmy Arnold), Camille Astor (Vida), Bert Woodruff (Dr. Bailee), Harry Duffield (George Arnold), Walter Morosco (Johnny Fletcher)

SYNOPSIS: Trix Ulner is an unprincipled card shark at the gambling house in an otherwise serene small town. One day he saves Bernice Arnold from drowning, and he is immediately smitten by the simple, but lovely, country girl. She befriends Trix, and tries to convince him to lead a better life. Their friendship creates quite a stir in the small town, and Bernice's sweetheart, Johnny Fletcher, becomes jealous of all the time Bernice spends with Trix. Bernice's brother, Jimmy, steals money from his father to pay off a gambling debt owed Frank. Mr. Arnold is furious with Jimmy and plans to have him arrested, despite Bernice's pleas. She goes to Frank and implores him to return the money, but he refuses. Bernice is forced to hide Jimmy at the home of one of her friends, Vida. An accident in the house starts a fire, and the entire home burns to the ground, whereupon everyone takes refuge in Bernice's home. Jimmy, Trix, and Jimmy's friend, Bert, rob Frank's house to retrieve the stolen money, but during the robbery Frank shoots and kills Jimmy. With these tragic events, Trix decides to give up his unsavory life, and Bernice and Johnny are married.

The reason that this was the final production that the star made in the role of producer is easily apparent to those that view it. It is without doubt one of the most incoherent stories that has been screened in a long, long time. Miss compson has a corking company supporting her, which includes Lon Chaney and others of equal note, but even they cannot pull the picture through...The direction was draggy and wearisome from beginning to end and it did not move the story forward at all." ---Variety

NOTES: Some sources list the release date as being in September of 1921. This is possible since the film was copyrighted in July, but the exact release date has not been confirmed.

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