Released 2/23/14 by Universal/Victor; Director: Allan Dwan; Screenplay: Allan Dwan; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (The Woman), Murdock MacQuarrie (The Minister), Lon Chaney (The Half-Wit)

SYNOPSIS: Repentant of the mistake of her innocent girlhood, a worn out woman returns to her home town, only to find that her parents have died. As she walks through the streets, the villagers shun her and the news quickly spreads that the Magdalen has returned. The citizens call upon the new minister to have the woman ordered out of town. When he delivers the message, she insists that she will not leave her parents house and he is touched by the sincerity of her repentance. Meanwhile, the townspeople have gathered to drive her out of the village. As the crowd approaches, the woman bravely goes out to meet them, but they jeer at her and throw stones at her until the minister steps out to defend her. A half-witted orphan tries to defend the woman, but is hit in the head with a brick and killed. The crowd disperses, leaving the minister and the woman to find happiness together.

"Pauline Bush appears in this as a fast woman who returns to her old home town. She gives a sincere rendition of the part. The minister and the half-witted boy were good and some of the minor characterizations pleasing. The story itself makes no great appeal to the emotions and finishes rather abruptly." -- Moving Picture World

© 1996,2008 Jon C. Mirsalis

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