Released 4/4/14 by Universal/101 Bison; Director: Allan Dwan; Screenplay: Allan Dwan;

CAST: Pauline Bush (The Woman), Murdock MacQuarrie (The Lamb), Lon Chaney (The Wolf)

SYNOPSIS: The Lamb is a gentle man who spends his time editing a local newspaper while caring for his invalid mother. He falls in love with The Woman, but does not propose, feeling it unfair to saddle a young bride with an invalid to care for. The Wolf, a husky mountaineer, returns to the town after an absence of five years and tries to renew an old love affair with the Woman. She falls for his masculinity and they are married. They go off to live in the mountains where the Wolf handles the payroll for a mining company. The Wolf is a brute and the Woman soon realizes her mistake in marrying him. Meanwhile, the Lamb's mother has died and he goes into the mountains in search of solitude. There he falls in with a band of outlaws and becomes as coarse and hard as his cohorts. The Wolf, having tired of the Woman, plans to steal the payroll left in her keeping and leave her. The Lamb, having planned the same robbery, arrives first, but the Woman does not recognize him. Someone is heard tampering with the door and the woman takes the Lamb's revolver to protect the payroll. When a masked man breaks in, she shoots him, but realizes on unmasking him that she has killed her husband. She suddenly recognizes the now repentant Lamb and it is clear that a better life is in store for both of them.

"The subtitles indicated more pathos in the beginning than the situations warranted. Mr. MacQuarrie was much more interesting after he had abandoned his meek attitude and began defending himself. The situations...are quite stirring and the interest is maintained from this point...The production as a whole is one of about average merit." --Moving Picture World

© 1996,2013 Jon C. Mirsalis

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