Released 5/2/14 by Universal/101 Bison; Director: Allan Dwan; Screenplay: Lon Chaney, from a story by Elliott J. Clawson; Cinematography: Lee O. Bartholomew; 2 reels; Print Source: Deutsche Kinemathek

CAST: Pauline Bush (The Orphan), William C. Dowlan (Bashful Bill), Murdock MacQuarrie (The Stranger), Lon Chaney (The Greaser), George Cooper (The Kid), Mary Ruby (The Kid's Sweetheart), John Burton, Doc Crane, William Lloyd (Prospectors)

SYNOPSIS: In a small mining community, a pretty orphan girl is engaged to marry a miner named Bashful Bill. A degenerate Mexican called "The Greaser" infests the town and proves a menace to all of the citizens. One day Bill finds him intimidating two sweethearts and gives him a well-deserved beating. A young stranger comes into town and accidentally shoots himself while cleaning his revolver. The girl takes him to her cabin to dress his wound. She is later attacked by the Greaser, but the stranger saves her. The stranger soon falls in love with the girl, unaware that she is engaged. Bill hears of this, but gallantly allows the girl to choose as she wishes. The stranger learns the truth and honorably decides to leave the town. On his way over the hill, he sees the Mexican about to shoot Bill and the girl and attacks him. The Greaser is killed, but the stranger also is killed in the fight.

"The story is very uncertain in development, but has an unusually pleasing setting throughout the entire production. The backgrounds were selected with a good eye to artistic effects. The story is vague in places and the photography not quite up to standard. The closing scenes are of a tragical nature." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: This was the second of five screenplays written by Chaney while he was at Universal.

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