Released 6/5/14 by Universal/Powers; Director: Charles Giblyn; Screenplay: uncredited; 2 reels

CAST: Marc Robbins (Amos Purdy), Edna Maison (Ann Purdy), Clarence Barr, Olive Johnson, Murdock MacQuarrie, Lon Chaney, Ray Gallagher

SYNOPSIS:Ann Purdy longs for the wild life of youth, but her father Amos is a strict disciplinarian and keeps a tight rein on her. One evening she wants to go to a local dance but her father forbids it. She waits until he is asleep, then sneaks off to the dance. On the way home, she loses her purse, and it is found by a policeman who returns it to her fathr. In a fit of anger, Amos casts the girl out of his house. Five years pass and Ann is now a widow with a small child. When she loses her job at a factory, she takes her child to an orphan asylum. There she meets her father's old friend, Dr. Green. He talks to Amos and arranges for a reconciliation, whereupon the girl and her child are taken back into her father's home.

"This is quite a strong offering...Not very new in plot, but well enacted and has some good human touches in it." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: This title is listed as starring Chaney in Richard Braff's Universal Silents. I cannot confirm or refute whether Chaney is in the film, but I have never seen this title on any other list of credited Chaney appearances.

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