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Released 7/15/14 by Universal/Nestor; Director: not credited; Screenplay: not credited; 2 reels

CAST: Agnes Vernon (Isabel Norris), Seymour Hastings (Mr. Norris), Murdock MacQuarrie (Roger Grant), Lon Chaney (Nunez).

SYNOPSIS: Roger Grant, foreman of the "Circle S" Ranch, is engaged to Isabel Norris, the old ranchowner's daughter. Grant receives word that there may be an attack on the pumping station of the reservoir and that he should arm his cowboys to protect it until troops arrive. Nunez, a Mexican spy, learns of the existence of the letter and, that night, breaks into the ranchhouse to steal it. Isabel confronts him, and is knocked unconscious. Grant returns and finds Isabel on the floor and he is blamed for the assault. The cowboys chase after him, but Isabel awakens and goes after them. Meanwhile, the Mexicans have attacked the reservoir, but Grant battles them single-handed until Isabel and the reinforcements arrive. Nunez is captured and Grant is vindicated.

"The chief interest centers about an attack on the pumping station...There is good suspense toward the close of this and the climax is exciting." ---Moving Picture World

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