Released 7/22/14 by Universal/Nestor; Director: not credited; Screenplay: not credited; 1 Reel; Print Source: Breakspear Films (England)

CAST: Murdock MacQuarrie (John Murdock), Lon Chaney (Frank Lawlor), Seymour Hastings (John Davis), Agnes Vernon (Dora Davis), Richard Rosson (The Bandit)

SYNOPSIS: After bandits rob several gold shipments from a Colorado mine, a detective, John Murdock, is sent out to aid John Davis, the mine superintendent, in finding the criminals. Frank Lawlor, clerk in the mine office, is in love with Davis' daughter Dora, but she dislikes him and prefers, instead, the handsome new detective. As another shipment is to be made, the detective sends out a posse. As he rides behind them, he is suddenly blinded by a flash of sunlight and he observes Lawlor flashing a mirror to signal the bandits. Lawlor returns to the office and begins to make advances to Dora and she flirts with him in an attempt to hold him there until help arrives. The bandits are captured and the posse returns to the office. Lawlor attempts to escape, but is shot.

"A western number of about average interest" ---Moving Picture World

© 1996,2013 Jon C. Mirsalis

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