Released 8/26/14 by Universal/Nestor; Director: not credited; Screenplay: Seymour Hastings; 2 Reels

CAST: Lon Chaney (John Burns), Murdock MacQuarrie (Bob Jenkins), Agnes Vernon (Lucy Williams), Seymour Hastings (Dave Williams)

SYNOPSIS: John Burns is chased by a bear and falls over a cliff. Bob Jenkins, a young miner, finds the unconscious Burns and carries him to his cabin. Bob cares fro Burns and they become pals. Dave Williams and his daughter Lucy arrive in town and she and Bob soon fall in love. Burns also falls for her, but she repels his advances. He plans to kill Bob and rigs a gun in his cabin with a string connecting the door and the trigger. His plan backfires when two mice gnaw through the string. Bob finds the gun and fires it. Burns, thinking that Bob is dead, drags Lucy away into the hills, but Bob brings the men and Burns is killed.

"The scenic effects about the placer camp are good; the story contains some old features, but holds the attention." ---Moving Picture World

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