Released 8/9/13 by Universal/Imp; Director: Allen Curtis; Screenplay: not credited; 1 reel; Print Source: Private collection

CAST: Lon Chaney, Louise Fazenda, Daisy Small

SYNOPSIS: Jake surprises his wife and Willy Mollycoddle making love in his home. He is so enraged that he throws Willy through the window. Jake rebukes his repentant wife and leaves the house, swearing to commit suicide. The wife, fearing that he may carry out his threat, telephones the police. The sergeant gallantly responds to her appeal and sends out his three trustee cops in search of Jake. Meanwhile, Jake decides to reflect at the local bar before his final deed. There he discovers Willy, who also has sought to drown his sorrows. He is immediately recognized by Jake who, by the aid of a seltzer bottle, makes things suggestively more pleasant for the ardent lover on the outside than within the jealous husband's range.

"This is simply horse play without any special appeal, though it is harmless and lacks vulgarity" --Moving Picture World

NOTES: This was Chaney's first billed screen appearance. Long thought lost, a print turned up in a private collection around 2006.

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