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Released 9/19/14 by Universal/101 Bison; Director: Charles Giblyn; Screenplay: H.G. Stafford, from a story by George Bronson Howard; Cinematography: Lee O. Bartholomew; 2 Reels

CAST: Murdock MacQuarrie (Francois Villon), Pauline Bush (Lady Eleyne), Harry F. Crane (King Louis XI), Lon Chaney (Sir Stephen), Chet Withey

SYNOPSIS: Louis XI, King of France, makes peace gestures to Edward IV, King of England, but the offer is refused due to the treacherous advice of Sir Stephen Fitz Allen. Louis asks Francois Villon's advice, and the poet suggests a scheme to remove Sir Stephen. Villon travels to England where he visits Sir Haco Hubba and his daughter, the Lady Eleyne. He convinces Sir Haco that Sir Stephen must be removed to insure peace. Lady Eleyne is sent to court where Sir Stephen falls in love with her. She baits him to come to their castle, where he is found prowling one night and executed. Villon returns to France and informs Louis of his successful mission.

"The director, Charles Giblyn, has proven himself worthy of great praise. The old costumes and castles, the joviality of the tap-room, the dignified and stately action of the court followers, all lend a decidedly mediaeval atmosphere to the picture...but the picture does not rely solely on its meritorious costumes and atmosphere for success. There is sufficient scheming, brawls, duel scenes and the like to appease the appetites of the keen lovers of sensationalism, and those who would not be content with the great character study that the picture offers." ---Motion Picture News

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