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Released 10/11/14 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Harry G. Stafford, from a short story by John Barton Oxford; 2 reels; Print Source: George Eastman House

CAST: Pauline Bush (Annie), Gertrude Brambrick (Alice), Tom Forman (Seadey Swaine), Lon Chaney (Duncan Bronson)

SYNOPSIS: Annie works in a local canning factory to earn money to care for her sister Alice. Unknown to Annie, Alice is engaged to Seadey Swaine, the son of a wealthy business man. Alice ignores Annie's advice and takes a job at the canning factory to earn enough money to purchase a suitable wedding trousseau. In the factory, Alice meets Duncan Bronson, a department manager who has an unsavory reputation. Bronson takes a fancy to Alice, and she does not listen to Annie's warnings about his character. One day, Annie comes in with a new dress that she has purchased with the money she has laboriously saved. Bronson forgets Alice and turns his attentions to Annie. Alice marries Swaine and, the danger past, Annie returns to her plain clothes. Everyone gossips about Annie, but she is content knowing she has saved her sister from an unsavory fate.

"There is some very good acting in this number on the part of all the principals and it gets up a strong interest. Some real life in this number." --Moving Picture World

"Rather a pathetic story, in which Pauline Busch (sic) and Lon Chaney play the leads." --- Motion Picture News

NOTES: In 2018, a 25-foot (about 17-second) fragment was found in a Brooklyn attic inside a Keystone Moviegraph projector and the footage was donated to George Eastman House. Chaney appears in two brief scenes.

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