Released 12/13/14 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: uncredited, but probably Ida May Park; 2 reels

CAST: Lon Chaney, no other cast members identified.

SYNOPSIS: Howard Wild, a kindly old gentleman, always acted as a peacemaker for his young niece Hazel and her fiancé Jack, and he bequeathed them his old mansion as a wedding gift. A few days before the wedding, Hazel hears some unsavory gossip about Jack, they quarrel, and she flees to the mansion to be alone. While she is there, crooks arrive to rob the house and Hazel watches them, helpless and terrified. When they are not looking, she runs for the door, but just then Jack enters, and in the dark, thinking him another burglar, screams and faints. The burglars flee, thinking the house haunted. Jack revives Hazel, but they will still not patch up their misunderstanding until the ghost of Howard Wild appears before them and again acts as peacemaker. The two return home to be married.

No reviews of the film are available.

NOTES: It is possible that this film was never released, or even completed, since no other cast members were identified and no reviews of the film could be found.

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