Released 12/27/14 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Lon Chaney; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Pauline), William C. Dowlan (Paul), Lon Chaney (Pete), Richard Rosson (a dope fiend), Laura Oakley

SYNOPSIS: Tom Walsh and his son Pete are crooks, but his daughter Pauline is basically a good girl. One day, when she is acting as a lookout while Tom and Pete commit a crime, she meets a band of Salvation Army singers who give her a pamphlet on leading a good life. Pauline tells her father that she cannot go on with their life of crime. In a rage he attacks her with a knife, but falls down the stairs and is killed. Pauline flees to a better part of town where she obtains a position as nurse to a wealthy family that is moving west. Pete follows her to her new home and confronts her in the park one day. Paul Reeves, a rich young mine owner, comes to her rescue and knocks Pete down. Reeves and Pauline soon fall in love and marry. Meanwhile, Pete has become the leader of a gang and is befriended by a dope fiend he once helped out. Pete is blinded in an accident, but soon learns of Pauline's marriage. The dope fiend leads Pete to Pauline's home where he attacks her after she refuses to give him a large sum of money. Pauline flees and in the pursuit Pete falls and breaks his neck.

"Not many dramas are as tense and full of action as this. Produced by Joseph De Grasse, this film bears the marks of fine direction." --Motion Picture News

"The (villain) is played by Lon Chaney, the author, and his character dominates the story...The picture tells its story pretty well and its big situation is certainly striking. The spirit of it is not of the highest; although there is nothing vulgar about it." --- Moving Picture World

NOTES: This was the third of five screenplays written for Chaney while he was at Universal.

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