Released 1/28/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Tom Forman; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Helen MacDermott), William C. Dowlan (Bob Brandt), Lon Chaney (Lt. Jim Stuart), Joseph De Grasse

SYNOPSIS: Helen MacDermott has been brought up in a strict religious environment by her widowed father until she meets Bob Brandt, a dashing adventurer who sweeps her off her feet. She elopes with him over her father's objections, and all is well until 6 months later when the local Vigilant Committee denounces Brandt as a gambler and swindler, and orders him to leave town. Helen is too proud to return to her father, and loathes divorce, so she reluctantly leaves with him. A month later, Bob accidentally shoots himself in the shoulder; he is discovered by Jim Stuart, a lieutenant in the Northwest Mounted Police, who nurses the injured man back to health. Jim soon develops a warm friendship with Bob and Helen, and he secures a place for Bob in the mounties. Jim falls in love with Helen, but because of his friendship with Bob, he goes away without saying goodbye. Bob finds a diary that Helen has been keeping and reads that she is secretly in love with Jim. Realizing that Jim is a better man for his wife, Bob finds Jim and brings him back to be with Helen. When Helen realizes the great sacrifice Bob has made, she realizes that he is, after all, the man she truly loves, and chases after him, just in time to save him from an Indian murderer.

"The story has numerous tense moments and is well photographed throughout."---Moving Picture World

NOTES: Several modern sources have confused this film with a 1916 Universal release of the same name that starred J. Warren Kerrigan.

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