Released 3/4/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: uncredited, but probably Ida May Park; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Polly), William C. Dowlan (Will Deming), Lon Chaney (Tod Wilkes), Olive Golden (Olive Trent)

SYNOPSIS: Polly, the maid at a theatrical boarding house, is infatuated with Will Deming, a popular actor staying at the house. She often dreams of herself as a great lady loved by the man. Olive Trent, a young girl seeking a theatrical career, takes a room at the house while trying to secure her first engagement. Will sees her one day at an agency, and tries to help her. She misunderstands his motives and rebuffs his advances. Tod Wilkes, a burlesque performer living at the house, has his eye on Olive, and he offers her a job in his burlesque company. She first refuses, but eventually accepts when her funds run out. After rehearsing with Tod in his room one night, he grabs her and kisses her passionately. She flees, and on the way to her room she is spotted by Will who offers her a position in his company. Will and Olive leave the next day for their new job, while Polly sadly watches their departure.

"This so interesting the observer wishes there was another reel. All the types are good; the slavey, the burlesque man (Chaney), the matinee idol, and the girl looking for her first engagement. The entire cast is pleasing." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: Actress Olive Golden was known under many names including Olive Fuller Golden and Olive Deering, but is best known as Olive Carey, wife of legendary actor Harry Carey.

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