Released 3/18/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park; 1 reel

CAST: Pauline Bush (Peggy Baldwin), William C. Dowlan (Will Brandon), Lon Chaney (Seth Baldwin), T. D. Crittenden (James Brandon), Anna Thompson (Mrs. Brandon), Harry Gleizier (Ted Baldwin)

SYNOPSIS: James Brandon, owner of the race horse Ladybird is backing her heavily in the last race of the season. His son Will is in love with Peggy, the daughter of this father's head groom, but the family is opposed to their marriage. Brandon wagers with his son that he will give up Peggy if Ladybird wins the race. Will agrees, but later learns that he was tricked, as his father has learned that his horse is a sure winner. Will persuades Ted Baldwin, Ladybird's jockey, to feign intoxication, realizing that the horse cannot win without her favorite jockey. Peggy finds Ted in a drunken state and, in desperation, puts on his uniform. Peggy races to the track in time to mount Ladybird and win the race, after which she slips out of sight and collapses from exhaustion. Will and his father find her, and when the father learns of Peggy's heroic act, he consents to their marriage.

"A pleasing number in which Pauline Bush appears as the daughter of a groom. The scenes lack the suspense they might have had, but the characterizations and action are good." --- Moving Picture World

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