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Released 3/28/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Tom Forman; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Pauline), William C. Dowlan (Jack), Lon Chaney (Fred)

SYNOPSIS: The tiny town of Rawhide is awakened by gunfire one night when Fred and Jack dash out of town with a posse in hot pursuit. At the desert's edge, they come upon the cabin of Pauline, known as "The Girl of the Desert" by the townsfolk. Pauline refuses to open the door to the strangers and arms herself while they break in. When one of the men lights a match, they see Pauline in the shadows pointing a revolver at them. They agree to leave the girl alone, and camp near the cabin for the night. The pursuers have split up, and one group of men has come upon Pauline's cabin. They break in and begin to terrorize the girl, when Frank and Jack are awakened by gunfire. They come to the aid of the girl and capture the small posse. Out of gratitude, Pauline offers to show the fugitives the trail across the desert to the border. Fred is wounded and becomes delirious, but after many hardships they reach the border, where Pauline leaves them to return to her cabin.

"This picture is full of strange charm and both acting and settings combine to produce the fascinating desert atmosphere. It is artistically handled and makes an unusual appeal to the observer. A strong offering." ---Moving Picture World

"An original drama of a decidedly pleasing nature, relying more on the clearly drawn characters for interest rather than the plot which, if analyzed, would prove almost nil...Mr. Chaney gets in an excellent piece of character work in this part." ---Motion Picture News

NOTES: Some sources list Pauline Bush's character as "Jessie."

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