Released 4/1/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: James Dayton; 1 reel

CAST: Pauline Bush (Pauline), Ray Gallagher (Ray), Lon Chaney (Lin), W. H. Bachman (Jed)

SYNOPSIS: Ray, a young novelist, sets out for the mountains in search of local color for his book. He meets Pauline, a young maid, and falls in love with her. Ray receives a notice that he must return to the city at once, so he marries the girl, but keeps the wedding a secret since his father has forbid him to marry before the age of 25. Jed, the local Postmaster, is in love with Pauline himself, and he intercepts all the letters to and from Ray while he is gone. Pauline, thinking she has been deserted, moves to a distant mining region with her father, Lin. When Ray returns to the mountains he can find no trace of his wife. He publishes his book titled "The Maid of the Mist" with a picture of Pauline on the fly leaf. Pauline gives birth to a child, and her father swears vengeance on the man who has dishonored her. One day, Lin finds a copy of Ray's novel left by some tourists, sees Pauline's picture, and he goes to the city to find the author. Ray shows Lin their marriage certificate and is happily reunited with his little family.

"A strong one-reel subject with Lon Chaney, Pauline Bush, and Ray Gallagher in the cast. This is a pleasing subject throughout." ---Moving Picture World

© 1996,2008 Jon C. Mirsalis

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