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Released 4/19/15 by Universal/Victor; Director: Lon Chaney; Screenplay: H.G. Stafford; 2 reels

CAST: Vera Sisson (Mildred Moore), Jack Warren Kerrigan (Walter Jason), George Periolat (Oswald Trumble)

SYNOPSIS: Walter Jason, a young man from the country, comes to the city to advance his career, but has no success. Oswald Trumble is well known in society, but is in reality the leader of a gang of crooks. Trumble spots Jason in a dejected mood, trails him the river, and prevents him from committing suicide. He treats Jason to a fine meal, buys him new clothes, and sets him up in an apartment, all under the guise of friendship. Trumble introduces Jason into the social set where he meets Mildred Moore, the daughter of society leader Mrs. Crosby Moore who's jewels Trumble plans to steal. Jason and Mildred are attracted, and Trumble is finally ready to execute his daring heist. His plan is to abduct Mildred when Jason is not looking, and replace her with a double; Jason will lead her back into the house, where she will grab the jewels. The plot goes as planned, except Jason notices that his partner is suddenly missing a beauty mark she had earlier in the evening. He tips off detectives that are on the premises, and they capture the impostor. They give the girl the third degree, and she confesses all the details of the crime. A trap is set and Trumble's gang is caught. Jason forces him to reveal where Mildred is being held, then rescues the girl. Jason confesses all to Mildred and her mother, but they forgive him, and his engagement to Mildred is announced.

"A crook story of unusual interest in two reels...The story is cleverly worked out and holds the interest firmly." --Moving Picture World

"This is Lon Chaney's first picture made with the Kerrigan-Victor company, and his success with it marks him as a capable director. The story is replete with situations of a tense character, and is so constructed that the climax can hardly be foretold until it arrives, a great point in its credit. That it will be heartily appreciated by the most critical audience is certain." ---Motion Picture News

NOTES: This was the first of 6 films directed by Chaney. He did not appear in the film. Sadly, none of the films directed by Chaney have survived.

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