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Released 6/14/15 by Universal Victor; Director: Lon Chaney; Screenplay: Lon Chaney; 2 reels

CAST: Jack Warren Kerrigan (The Oyster Dredger), Vera Sisson (The Heiress), William Quinn (The Lawyer)

SYNOPSIS: Vera, a wealthy heiress, admires Jack, an oyster dredger she sees while on a trip to the seaside. She is fascinated by his lifestyle, and convinces him to trade places with her. Jack agrees to the proposition and takes up residence in the girl's home, while she begins the life of an oyster dredger. Her lawyer has gained control of her property and plans to force her to marry him, using the threat of withholding her assets. Vera is indignant at the lawyer's proposal. Jack grows weary of his life of ease and returns to the dredger's life. In a saloon, he overhears the lawyer making insulting remarks about the girl, and as he is about to attack the man, the lawyer steps backward and falls into the sea. Jack and Vera are reunited as the story ends.

"Rather impossible, yet the presence of Jack Kerrigan and Vera Sisson in the principal roles serves to life it from the ordinary. There are many bits of comedy throughout the two reels which make the film doubly enjoyable. The scenes and photography are good." ---Motion Picture News

"A two-reel comedy drama written by Lon Chaney. The plot is not to be taken very seriously; it is made entertaining largely through interest in the principal performers. Otherwise it is not very strong." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: This is one of only two films in which Chaney both directed and wrote the screenplay.

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