Released 7/16/15 by Universal/Victor; Director: Lon Chaney; Screenplay: Katherine M. Kingsbury; 1 reel

CAST: Lon Chaney (Jim Mason), Vera Sisson (Florence Allison), T. D. Crittenden (Howard Allison), William Quinn (Bill)

SYNOPSIS: Jim Mason's marriage is ruined because of his wife extravagance, and he is driven to become a thief. His first job is to steal the famous Allison pearls, but during the burglary, he meets Florence Allison, whose home is about to be broken up through the neglect of her husband. Jim, recalling his own tragic marriage, suggests a plan to restore the love of Florence's husband. In return, she tells Jim to keep the pearls, but he promises that he will return them in 6 months if his plan fails. When Mr. Allison returns home after a night on the town, he finds his wife bound and unconscious, and realizing how his neglect has endangered her life, he gives up his night life and returns to a happy marriage with his wife. As the months pass, Jim resists the temptation to dispose of the pearls. Bill, one of Jim's crooked buddies, is convinced that Jim has the pearls and they fight over them. Jim is injured, and drags himself to the Allison home. There he finds that Florence has once again won the love of her husband, and she bestows on Jim the permanent right to the pearls.

"There is some vagueness in the construction, but as a whole the story prove quite entertaining and has some novelty in it." ---Moving Picture World

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