Released 7/25/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by Julius G. Furthmann; 3 reels

CAST: Elsie Jane Wilson (Cora Gertz), Lon Chaney (Tom Coulahan), Lule Warrenton (Mrs. Gertz), Lydia Yeamans Titus (Mrs. Coulahan), Arthur Shirley (Hans), George Berrill

SYNOPSIS: Mr. and Mrs. Gertz are a poor but happy family, living in a tenement room with their daughter Cora. Below them live the Coulahans and their son Tom, a crude family that is constantly fighting or drunk. Tom is in love with Cora, but she refuses his proposals of marriage, saying she could never stand to live with his family. Tom finally consents to take Cora away to live in a home of their own, but when he tells his parents, they create such a fuss that Cora agrees to live with Tom and his parents. Soon after the marriage, Cora's parents return to Germany and Tom's father passes away. Mrs. Coulahan takes in washing, assisted by Cora, while Tom follows in his father's footsteps and becomes a drunken lout. Mrs. Coulahan is taken ill, and soon dies, and the entire burden of the household is now upon Cora. Hans, a family friend from Germany who is visiting in America, looks up Cora and states that he is looking for somewhere to invest his savings. Tom spots the thick bankroll he is carrying and plans to rob him. Cora finds some of Mrs. Coulahan's medicine, and decides to commit suicide with it. Before she can carry out her plan, Tom appears and bullies her into helping him steal Hans' money. Cora, instead of deceiving Hans, warns him of Tom's plot. Meanwhile, Tom fills the glass with Cora's suicide potion and drinks it down. Cora returns to find her husband dead, and she and Hans are happily married.

"A strong drama that goes right to the point without any consideration for delicacy...This is produced very well, with much attention being paid to the atmosphere of the tenement district. Lon Chaney as the husband does some excellent character work." ---Motion Picture News

"Every moment is full of action, suspense, heart interest and thrills. A true to life drama that will hold your keenest interest from start to finish." ---Motion Picture Weekly

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