Released 8/17/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from The Sheriff of Long Butte by Julius G. Furthmann; 1 reel

CAST: Lon Chaney (Frenchy), Arthur Shirley (John Sloane)

SYNOPSIS: John Sloan, the sheriff of Long Butte, takes a shot at a moving bush, and to his surprise, knocks the hat off of "Frenchy," a man hiding there. The sheriff leaves him and begins to cross a stream, suddenly finding himself up to his armpits in quicksand. Frenchy saves him, then confesses that he is a fugitive from justice. The sheriff, owing him his life, takes him to his home. Years before, the sheriff had loved a French girl, but she was won over by a Frenchman, and although many years have passed, he has never forgotten her. Frenchy, bunking in the next room, sees a picture of the girl's old sweetheart and recoils in horror, for the girl is his wife who he has murdered. The next morning, the deputies arrive and tell the sheriff of the murder. They arrest Frenchy, but Sloane, feeling obligated to repay his debt, lets him escape. After giving him a head start, and feeling that his debt is now repaid, Sloane buckles on his guns and goes after the fugitive. He spots Frenchy paddling a canoe down the river, and after a few shots, the man plunges into the water. As the story ends, we see Frenchy peering from behind a boulder, mocking his pursuers who now presume him dead.

"This picture...is positively one of the strongest single reel dramas that we have ever seen. While void of a love story--in fact, no woman appears--the subject is tremendously powerful because of its character delineations and its excellent treatment...Lon Chaney, as Frenchy, gives one of those remarkable character portrayals at which he is best, while Arthur Shirley plays strongly as the sheriff. The locale is northwestern Canada and the atmosphere is perfect as to scenery, while the photography is admirably clear. This is a real drama and deserves to be highly featured." ---Motion Picture News

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