Released 9/26/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Bess Meredyth; 3 reels; Print source: a fragment survives in the hands of a private collector in England

CAST: Cleo Madison (Lisette), Arthur Shirley (Antone Gerome), Lon Chaney (The Duke of Safoulrug), Millard K. Wilson (The King)

SYNOPSIS: A woman is taken ill while working in the fields, and while taking her home, her husband passes the palace of the Duke of Safoulrug. There, the woman sees a fleur de lis, and is fascinated with the flower. When she gives birth to a baby girl, the infant has a birthmark shaped like a fleur de lis on her shoulder. The mother dies, and fifteen years later, her daughter Lisette has also acquired her mother's strange obsession for the flower. One day while passing the palace, she demands that her sweetheart Antoine pick one of the flowers for her, but the gardener chases them away. Lisette manages to steal a flower, and is seen by the young Duke, who is captivated by her beauty. Lisette marries the Duke, despite the fact that she does not love him. During a royal reception, she meets the King, who is bewitched by her beauty and takes her in his arms. The Duke, knowing that he cannot confront the King, commits suicide, whereupon the King takes Lisette as his mistress. His Majesty is taken ill one day, and the doctor who arrives is Antoine, now a famous surgeon. Antoine goes to Lisette's room to tell her the operation was a success and she throws her arms around him. He rebukes her, saying the fleur de lis has come between them and their happiness. She goes to the fireplace, grabs a hot poker, and burns the birthmark from her skin. Months later, Lisette is caring for her father in his hut. She brings flowers to her mother's grave, and it is there that Antoine finds her and takes her in his arms.

"The photographic work and scenes are extremely good. Joe De Grasse produced it so the beautiful locations are easily accounted for." ---Motion Picture News

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