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Released 10/10/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park; 1 reel; Print Source: National Film Archives (London)

CAST: Cleo Madison (Jess), Lon Chaney (Her Husband), Arthur Shirley (Charles Holcombe), Margaret Whisler (Mrs. Holcombe), Mary Kiernan (The Fisher Babe)

SYNOPSIS: Jess is the wife of a poor fisherman who daydreams of being very rich. One day, the yacht of Charles Holcombe anchors near her while she mends nets for her husband. Despite his wealth, Holcobe is unhappily married to his nagging wife who spends all her time with her lap dog. He rows ashore where he finds Jess telling her daughter a story of how a beautiful girl was imprisoned in a sea shell by a bad fairy because she dared to love a handsome prince, and the noise heard from the shell is the cry of the imprisoned girl. Holcombe talks with them, and picks a bouquet of daisies, but having no excuse to linger longer, he returns to his ship where his wife nags him for being gone so long. As the yacht sails off, Holcombe sits dreaming about Jess, while Jess sits on the shore dreaming of the man she has met and his yacht. Her husband brings her more nets to mend and she is rudely returned to the reality of her tedious life.

"Written by Ida May Park, and taking a decidedly pessimistic attitude toward life. This is interesting, with Cleo Madison, Lon Chaney and Arthur Shirley in the principal roles." -- Motion Picture News

"Some of the settings are quite novel, though a little dark in places. The story...has a fair degree of interest" --Moving Picture World

NOTES: This is one of the earliest surviving Chaney titles. He plays a dual role as Jess' husband and, in a fantasy sequence, the "The Hunchback Fate."

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