Released 12/26/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Bess Meredyth; 2 reels

CAST: Louise (Carbasse) Welch (June Lathrop), Millard K. Wilson (Rupert Spaulding), Arthur Shirley (John Henshaw), Lon Chaney (Attorney)

SYNOPSIS: June Lathrop, an orphan under the guardianship of Rupert Spaulding, meets John Henshaw, a young surgeon, and the two are mutually attracted. June learns that Rupert loved her mother in her youth, but he delayed proposing, and lost her to another man. Now he is in love with June, and out of gratitude she consents to marry him. Spaulding dies shortly after their marriage, and on his death bed extracts a written promise from June that she will never marry again. On learning of her husband's death, Henshaw proposes to June, but she tells him of the terrible promise she made that prevents her ever marrying again. Spaulding's spirit weighs heavily on June and she begins to sleepwalk. One night she falls from a balcony while asleep and suffers a serious brain injury. Henshaw, now a celebrated surgeon, is called to perform the delicate operation needed to save her life. While under the anesthetic, June's spirit meets that of her dead husband, who tells her that he has witnessed her suffering and releases her from her promise. Their spirits go to the vault where her written promise is kept and they burn the document. June recovers from the operation and does not know if it has all been a dream. She orders the lawyers to produce her dead husband's documents, and there on the top are the ashes of her written promise. June is now free to marry the man she really loves.

"For this sort of story, which is not without a grewsome (sic) touch for certain observers, this is very well done." ---Moving Picture World

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