Released 10/31/16 by Universal/Special Victor; Director: George Felix; Producer: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Harry Wulze; 1 reel

CAST: George Felix (Felix), Eva Loring (His Wife), Lon Chaney (Tad), Lydia Yeamans Titus (Tad's wife)

SYNOPSIS: Felix arrives at work in a terrible mood. Everything has been going wrong for him today, including getting to the job by a forced ride on a moving "dolly." His job for that day is to shingle a roof belonging to Tad. He goes to work, but through one accident after another, ends up destroying the roof rather than repairing it. He gets into a fight with Tad and his two boys, whereupon he sets fire to the house. Tad and the boys throw him into the nearby river, but in revenge, he manages to drive Tad's entire family into the river.

"There is no story here, simply a lot of gags which are worked one after another. They are all on the practical joke order, and while some of them succeed in getting a laugh there are too many of them for real enjoyment. Among other things a house is completely wrecked. George Felix directed and heads the cast himself, cavorting about in what is termed a scenario by Harry Wulze." ---Motion Picture News

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