Released 11/23/16 by Universal/Big U-Special; Director: Allan Dwan; 1 reel

CAST: Lon Chaney (Lon), Pauline Bush, Murdock MacQuarrie

SYNOPSIS: Lon is a member of the Northwest Mounted Police and is in love with a little girl of the woods. He is accused of a breach of duty, and rather than have the morale of the corps suffer, he submits to the false evidence. Later he is vindicated and the picture ends happily.

NOTES: There is little additional information on this picture. The film was announced as a short subject to be released with the regular Universal feature program. Pauline Bush was no longer working at Universal, and Dwan, Chaney, and MacQuarrie had not worked together for years, so it seems unlikely that the film was shot in late 1916. The three stars and director Dwan worked on two films that are similar, but not identical: BLOODHOUNDS OF THE NORTH (released in December, 1913) and THE HONOR OF THE MOUNTED (released in February, 1914). It is possible that this was cut together from those two films and released as a "new" picture. Alternatively, this film may have been shot at the same time as those two pictures, but due to some unknown difficulty, was not released for almost three years. With none of the three films surviving, it is a mystery that may never be solved.

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