Released 12/11/16 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by W. Carey Wonderly; Cinematography: King Gray; 5 reels; Print Source: Archives du Film du CNC

CAST: Dorothy Phillips (Helen), Viola Smith (Aline), Evelyn Selbie (Jenny Cupps), Frank Whitson (Oliver Urmy), Lon Chaney (Edmund Stafford), Jack Mulhall (Ralph Kelton), Jay Belasco (Billy Cupps), Ed Brown (Landlord)

SYNOPSIS: Helen, an orphan living with her aunt and cousin Emily, is sent to the country to stay with a strict family because of a minor offense she committed. She meets and falls in love with Ralph Kelton, and while riding in the country one day, they are forced to take refuge in an old man's house when a great storm comes up. Planning to be married the next day, the two spend the night together, but Ralph is killed when a bolt of lightning strikes the house. Dr. Stafford is sent for, and Helen confesses to him that they were not married. Helen returns home, and plans to marry Oliver Urmy, a young millionaire, when she discovers she is pregnant. When Oliver and his father must go west for a time, Helen goes to live with her old nurse. She gives birth to a son, who she leaves with her nurse's married daughter, Jenny. Oliver returns to marry Helen, and she later gives birth to a daughter, Arline. Emily has married, but her husband has died, so Helen and Oliver try to find her a good husband. Arline, now seventeen, is in love with Billy Cupps, but does not tell her parents. Oliver invites Dr. Stafford to visit them, planning to match her up with Emily. Stafford immediately recognizes Helen, but she does not remember him. Instead of courting Emily, Stafford wants Arline, and threatens Helen with exposure unless she consents to their marriage. Arline elopes with Billy, who Helen realizes is her own son, and Arline's half-brother. Oliver receives a letter from Arline confessing her marriage, and he and Stafford set out after her. During the drive, Stafford makes insinuations against Helen, and Oliver loses control of the car when he attacks the doctor. Stafford is killed and Oliver injured when the car crashes. Helen has been called away by Jenny, who tells Helen that her son had died a short time after he was born, and fearing the loss of the money Helen sent her, Jenny substituted her own boy. Helen finds him to be a fine lad, and welcomes him as her son-in-law.

"THE PRICE Of SILENCE, while it is a well-made production, is unfortunately based on an unpleasant theme, presenting situations that are tense and undeniably dramatic, but at the same time vesting certain characters with unheroic temperments, where actions reflecting moral heroism would be more liable to excite sympathy...Considerable is made in the production of bedroom and undress scenes; more in fact than would give the production a place among films for young people." ---Moving Picture World

"Lon Chaney is a polished villain---obviously villainous." ---Motion Picture News

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