Released 3/29/17 by Universal/Laemmle; Director: Joseph De Grasse; 1 reel

CAST: Pauline Bush (Carlotta), Lon Chaney (Marino)

SYNOPSIS: Carlotta and her elderly father live in poverty, and are befriended by Marino, a tough criminal. Marino pretends to offer friendship, but he forces himself on Carlotta. Peter, an old friend, happens along in time to rescue her. Carlotta's father learns of Marino's attack and vows revenge. He seeks out Marino and a fight ensues. Marino is about to stab Carlotta's father when he is subdued by Peter. Carlotta and Peter are married and make plans for a happy future.

NOTES: As is the case for ACCUSING EVIDENCE, it is highly unlikely that this film was shot in 1917. It may be a reissue of an early film when Bush and Chaney were working together, although no other film's synopsis matches this very closely. It could have been assembled from footage leftover from CARLOTTA THE BEAD STRINGER or may have been shot previously and never released.

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