Released 4/23/17 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by E. Magnus Ingleton; Cinematography: King Gray; 5 reels

CAST: Dorothy Phillips (Mary Graham/"Flash Fan"), William Stowell (David Norman), Lon Chaney (Hector Maitland), David Kirby (Jim), Mrs. A.E. Witting (Ann Maitland), Countess Du Cello (Landlady), Jane Bernoudy (Sally), Nellie Allen (Hector's Lady Friend)

SYNOPSIS: Mary and Fannie Graham are forced to live with their criminal father when their kindly mother dies. Mary flees, but Fannie remains with her father and is reared as a thief, becoming known as "Flash" Fan. One day she and her accomplice, Jim, steal a purse and she uses the money to buy a checkered coat. She disposes of the purse, so when a detective detains her there is no evidence to hold her with. Mary, who is working as a shopkeeper, becomes ill and is taken to her tenement home where, coincidentally, Flash also lives. That evening, Flash steals a silk bag from the lady friend of Hector Maitland, a society waster. Flash is chased by a detective to her house, where she slips into Mary's room, finds her unconscious on the floor, and puts the checkered coat on her. The detective finds Mary, sees the distinctive coat, and arrests the girl. David Norman, an attorney for the poor, decides to defend Mary, and she is easily found innocent. Mary and David become close friends, and she tells him of a letter of introduction she has to Ann Maitland, a wealthy spinster. She tried to deliver the letter to Hector, but he had always refused to see her. David takes her directly to Miss Maitland, and she is allowed to live with the woman. Hector is unnerved by his aunt's affection for Mary, for he fears he may lose the large inheritance he expects. Hector and Flash plant some jewels stolen from Miss Maitland in Mary's room in an attempt to discredit her, but David catches Flash and turns her over to the police. Time passes, and the checkered coat has been pawned from one owner to another. Flash, destitute and shivering cold, finds the coat in a trash can and places it over her frail shoulders. Mary and David, now married, pass by the poor woman and, not recognizing her, place a coin in her hand.

"A five-reel drama that can be booked with the assurance that its paper claims are borne out on the screen. Dorothy Phillips is seen to excellent advantage in a dual role--that of two sisters whose moral characteristics are almost exact opposites. The picture is thoroughly worthwhile." ---Moving Picture World

"William Stowell plays the hero, David Norman; Lon Chaney, Hector Maitland, and Mrs. A. E. Witting plays Ann Maitland. Their acting is entirely satisfactory." ---Motography

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