Released 5/21/17 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Ida May Park; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by Albert M. Treynore; Cinematography: King Gray; 5 reels

CAST: Dorothy Phillips (Delice Brixton), William Stowell (Jack Lane), Lon Chaney (Henry Norton/Porter Brixton), Alfred Allen (John Peterson), George Berrill (Barclay), Evelyn Selbie (Mrs. Barclay), Clyde Benson (Deputy), Orin C. Jackson (Howard), Marc Fenton (Judge)

SYNOPSIS: Jack Lane, and adventurer and photographer, is camping in the mountains when his camera, which he has rigged to go off if someone trips a hidden wire, flashes brightly. Developing the photograph, he sees the picture of a beautiful girl carrying a rifle. The next morning John Peterson, the sheriff, arrests Jack for the murder of Porter Brixton, because Jack's footprints were found near the dead man's cabin. On the way to jail they stop at Barclay's cabin, and igniting some flash powder, Jack creates a diversion and escapes. Stealing a canoe, Jack furiously paddles down river pursued by a group of men who want to lynch him. The canoe is capsized and Jack drags himself onto land. When he wakes the next morning, the girl in the photograph is standing over him. They head down river together, but find themselves trapped by their pursuers, and they cut through the forest. They become lost, and soon find that they have inadvertently returned to the scene of the murder. The girl disappears, and soon Lane is captured, learning that the girl has turned him in. At the trial, Jack does not reveal the picture of the girl, which he believes would incriminate her. The girl takes the stand, and her testimony incriminates herself. To protect her, Jack tries to confess to the crime, when Porter Brixton suddenly enters the courtroom. He explains to the shocked spectators that the murdered man was Henry Norton, his half- brother. Norton was an evil man, and had driven Brixton's wife to an early death and had himself appointed guardian to his daughter Delice, the girl in the picture. When Brixton confronted Norton, his half-brother drew his gun, but was killed when Brixton out-shot him. Lane and Delice are released, and the Judge consoles Delice that her father will surely get off on self-defense. Delice says that she betrayed Jack so that she could ultimately clear him, even though it meant turning in her father. The two come to realize their love for one another as the story ends.

"The plot is simple but, skilfully set forth, it holds the interest to the last scene. It is a pleasing picture, almost all of the action taking place out of doors in a wooded country...With its flavor of adventure and mystery, and with its refreshing locations, this offering should find favor with any audience which likes pretty plays, well directed and well acted. It is a welcome relief from heavy, morbid dramas." ---Motography

"Armed with an unusual story and with a company of capable players and staff, Miss Parks has gone into the wilds of the Sierra Nevadas and succeeded in filming a virile story in the most beautiful settings imaginable...William Stowell is a worthy support to Miss Phillips, as are also Lon Chaney, who plays a dual role; Alfred Allen and George Berrill." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: The film was originally announced for release as THE FLASHLIGHT GIRL, but the title was changed just prior to its release. This was the first feature directed by Ida May Park, longtime screenwriter on many of Chaney's films, and wife of director Joseph De Grasse.

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