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General Info
  • Silent Movie Page an excellent site!
  • Silents Are Golden
  • WWW.FILMGESCHICHTE.DE Early German Films
  • Buckey's Film History Resource Page
  • Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers University
  • Fort Lee Film Commission history of early films from Fort Lee, NJ
  • Victorian Cinema great page of very early cinema
  • The London Project history of film business in early 20th Century London
  • Cinema Context history of early Netherlands films
  • History of Silent Movie Subtitles
  • Theater Seat Store site with lots of links to silent film info
    People and Films
  • Lon Chaney Home Page my Lon Chaney page!
  • Harold Lloyd Page
  • The International Buster Keaton Society
  • The Louise Brooks Society Page
  • Rudolph Valentino Page and other silent links
  • Clara Bow Page
  • Norma Talmadge Page
  • The Betty Bronson Page
  • Pauline Frederick Page
  • Pola Negri Page
  • John Gilbert Appreciation Society
  • Karl Dane Home Page

    Film Collecting

  • eFilm Forum
  • Steve Schuler's Films
  • Festival Films
  • Pathescope 9.5mm Page

    Film Music

  • The Film Music Society
  • The Bernard Herrmann Page
  • John Williams Page
  • David Drazin's Page another silent film accompanist

    Museums and Archives

  • Pacific Film Archive Jon's home-away-from-home
  • UCLA Film and Television Archive
  • Library of Congress Complete Catalog
  • Library of Congress Historical Collections
  • Smithsonian Human Studies Film Archives
  • links to stock footage libraries
  • The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
  • American Film Institute
  • National Archives
  • Museum of Modern Art (NYC)
  • National Film Preservation Foundation
  • George Eastman House
  • Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research
  • Niles Film Museum Historic Niles/Essanay museum

    Film Festivals and Screenings

  • Film Forum a great NYC series of old/offbeat films
  • Pacific Film Archive screening schedule and other info
  • Pordenone Silent Film Festival
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • The Independent Film Channel
  • Movie Times.Com
  • Fandango get movie times, buy tickets
  • The Stanford Theater great classic movie palace!
  • Bristol Silents silents in the UK
  • The San Francisco Silent Film Festival
  • Film Society of Lincoln Center

    Services and Stores

  • Deep Discount DVD very good DVD store with free shipping
  • Jeff's Used Movie Finder
  • DVD Planet formerly Ken Crane's; good DVD source
  • Reel Classic DVD Silent and early sound films on DVD

    Misc. Lists and Information

  • The Internet Movie Database a great database (though watch out for all the errors!)
  • Animated Cartoon Database
  • Film Obituaries
  • Movie Cliches List funny collection of common cliches
  • Film.Com various reviews and essays
  • 100 Years of Film Sizes great site on different film formats
  • Heroes of the Saturday Matinee serials and B movies
  • The German Way info on German film and culture
  • The Widescreen Museum Lots of cool info on widescreen films
  • Film 101 good general movie list site

    Misc. Sites

  • U.S. Copyright Act
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Lucasfilm THX Page Everything you wanted to know about THX!

    Sites With Links to Other Film Sites

  • Clamen's Links
  • Cinemedia
  • Cinema Sites
  • Movie Pal

    This site is nearly always under construction! Suggestions of new links, especially those related to silent and early sound film are greatly appreciated! You can contact me at


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