Lon Chaney Hand Puppet

Hey Kids!!

Are those Winnie the Pooh and Barney dolls just not cuddly enough for you any more? Download this charming cutout hand puppet of Lon Chaney as "Blizzard," the legless gangster from The Penalty, for hours of Family Fun. Just click the link below, print out on heavy paper stock, cut out the head, torso, arms/crutches, and stumps, and assemble the pieces with brads. Every kid in the neighborhood will want one!

This wonderful item was created by artist Bill Nelson, who is both a talented artist and a silent film buff. You can see more of his work at BillNelsonStudios.com.

Click here for your ==> Lon Chaney Hand Puppet Cutout

© 2007,2008 Jon C. Mirsalis

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