Robert Semler Chaney Portraits

Robert C. Semler is well known in the field of portrait and maritime art. As an illustrator for over 35 years, the majority of his work is now commissioned portraits, marine art and teaching. Mr. Semler's work is in numerous collections throughout the country. He is a member of the NY Society of Illustrators, the Portrait Society of America, and has served in the past as president of the American Society of Marine Artists. One of his great loves is doing paintings of Lon Chaney characters. Many years ago he painted the lovely painting titled, "A Little Smile, A Little Tear" (Mixed Media, 22" x 20") shown to the left, but in recent years he has done a number of wonderful additional Chaney portraits that are displayed below.

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All portraits on this page © Robert C. Semler and are used with permission of the artist.

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