A Note on Video Sources

The single most common question I receive via e-mail is "Where can I get video tapes or DVDs of the rare Chaney titles like ROAD TO MANDALAY, MR. WU, MOCKERY, and WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS." To save myself repeating this message over and over again, here is my official policy statement.

1. To find out where you can legally purchase DVDs and other formats of silent films featuring Lon Chaney and other stars, I recommend you check out Silents Are Golden Video Sources which has information on distributors of a number of commercially available silent films on video. Also check out Kino International, Amazon and other commercial sites. Note that a number of Chaney silents have run on Turner Classic Movies while others have been put out by Warner Brothers on DVD. For example, see my review of the first TCM Lon Chaney DVD box set.

2. A number of other Lon Chaney titles are available on video through the black market. I do not support the illegal copying or sale of copyrighted motion pictures. Please don't ask where you can purchase Lon Chaney silents not listed on the Silent Film Sources site. There are a number of (as yet unconvicted) felons out there who are selling these titles and if you look hard enough you may find them before the FBI or Turner legal department does.

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