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Released 9/6/13 by Universal/Powers; Director: Edwin August; Screenplay: not credited; 2 reels

CAST: Edwin August (Marx), Lon Chaney (Pawnbroker)

SYNOPSIS: William Weldon is a lineman who is injured when he falls from a telegraph pole. His large family has no one to support them so they appeal to various charitable organizations, but their requests for aid become bogged down in red tape. Marx, a gentelman thief who lives in the same building, meets Weldon's daughter Alice and takes an interest in her. He holds up a doctor and forces him to take care of Weldon. Marx then attends a big charity ball and steals all the money raised in order to help the Weldons. After the family has recovered, the charitable organizations send a few dollars and a skimpy supply of food. Marx decides to reform and surrenders to the police. While sitting in his cell, a vision of Alice comes to him and he is repayed for his sacrifice and charity.

"There is considerable strength in the offering, but it has some bad faults. One of these is melodramatic and insincere acting. The photography is good and in spite of numerous absurdities the picture has strong moments." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: Chaney has an unbilled part as a pawnbroker.

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